Job Aids and Infographics

Paint Department (Letter) (500 x 800 px).png

Project Title: Paint Associate Job Aid

Development Tools: Canva

Client: This project was born out of personal experience working for a home improvement store and as an example of a Job Aid that takes the store associate and company resources into account. The design is neat and engaging without having a large color ink demand. The project is formatted for printing on card stock to increase the longevity of the resource. This type of resource is a great reminder for new associates to systematically walk through the steps that they would need in order to find the customer the right solution. Once they become familiarized with the process, they can look to the titles as reminders for each interaction.

Train Safety Image

Project Title: Railroad Safety

Development Tools: Google Docs

Client: This project is based upon the safety mandates and updates that are sent out to railroad workers. I utilized Google Docs to create a basic wireframe and then filled in pertinent safety information in a clear and concise manner. This documentation is posted on safety bulletin boards and updates are recorded in the field manuals of transportation and mechanical employees.

Copy of Storyboard Templates

Project Title: Storyboarding and Wireframing

Development Tools: Google Docs

Client: This project was created as a supporting document for Instructional Designers and accompanies a Youtube video produced by Devlin Peck. I utilized Google Docs to create a basic storyboard and wireframe document based upon the graphics from the video. This resource was then shared across LinkedIn as a free tool for anyone that wanted templates for their storyboarding.